Who is Mack Ginn?

I grew up Mississippi, where Southern Hospitality, Yes Ma’am, Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken, and Corn Bread are as much a part of everyday life as waking up and brushing your teeth! So naturally, respect, responsibility, loving the outdoors, livestock, and farm life was instilled at an early age.

As I grew older, I fell in love with the sport of Rodeo and all that it entails! From the action of a Snorty Bronc or a Slobbering Bull blowing out of a bucking chute, to the fans cheering for new arena records set in lightning fast timed events, to the smell and sound of the stock, the dirt on the arena floor, even the yellow dotted lines whizzing by as miles are clicked off on the way to the next rodeo. Loving to meet new people and entertain everywhere I went, I found that I was very much a people person, and that most people were intrigued and wanted to hear all about growing up in the South, Southern Euphemisms, Life on a farm and mostly Rodeo.

Over time, I began to realize that my place in the sport was to entertain and help every fan understand where rodeo came from and how it has reached the point it is today. Using some of the same Southern Euphemisms that have come second nature to me all my life, I strive to entertainingly explain each event in a way that every fan can close their eyes and still have a front row seat to all the action; at the same time, helping every Contestant feel like the true champion that they are regardless of age, event, or skill level; as well as insuring each sponsor is more than pleased with their coverage and standing in line to support your next event.

I look forward to seeing, meeting and working with each of you down the Rodeo Road.

Kind words from PCA Rodeo 2015 - Ozark, AL

Dear Mack,

I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed having you announce our rodeo. Having a Christian young man who is not afraid to profess that faith is so refreshing. My Mom was in tears when you prayed for those who did not know Jesus as their Savior. So bold and so sincere. The crowd loved you, your interaction and your energy. The sponsors loved you, the fact that you went around the ring and verbally plugged those who had an area sign. The committee loved your dedication and eagerness to do whatever it took to make our spectators have a great night. That's what we do this for. I was excited to hear from Robert that you are confirmed for next year. I pray God's blessings and protection over you as you travel and continue in your ministry throughout the year. God Bless You! See you next August.


Mack Ginn standing with his head bent in prayer atop the bucking shoots

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